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How do you “accelerate entrepreneurship”?
Starting your own successful business requires selecting and hiring specialists to assist you in areas such as branding, business strategy, website development, and social media marketing to accelerate entrepreneurship. It can be both frustrating and time-consuming trying to bring together a group of service providers that can understand your vision and efficiently build your business. Is this working right?

Why do you have an “ by invitation only ” policy?

As entrepreneur's, we are constantly impressed by the conversations we have with potential clients when they share their career aspirations with us. The ReAdventured team engages each potential client in an initial conversation to determine if we are a good fit for each other. The decision to become a “second act” professional is a big commitment of both time and money. We want to insure that when we sign on with a client, they have the necessary skills and experience to become a successful business owner. Once ReAdventured teams up with a client, we’ll be working together for six-nine months while we design and integrate all the components of their new business. We are more effective as business accelerators when we select clients that are in sync with the quick tempo of our ReAdventured team as we work together to build their business.

How does the “Redefine-Plan-Execute” process work?
—ReAdventured’s business process is designed to provide an entrepreneur with all the systems and support they need to launch an income-generating business. The Redefine phase of the process guides the entrepreneur through a series of business coaching discussions to create a clear and realistic vision for their business journey. The Plan phase provides the necessary scaffolding to support the business concepts. Together with a ReAdventured business strategist, the entrepreneur designs the structure of their business, finalizes their business financing and determines their company brand.

The Execute phase is where the real excitement begins! ReAdventured’s expert team of graphic designers, website developers, social media specialists, marketing advisors, and web-based software service providers take the final business design and construct a business that accurately represents the entrepreneur’s initial vision and aspirations.

What is the typical cost to go through the "Redefine-Plan-Execute" process?

Clients bring to ReAdventured a variety of creative ideas and clever concepts for entrepreneurial businesses. The cost of developing those ideas from concept phase to a well-structured, intentionally-created, successful business really depends on several main factors. A client’s initial level of clarity around their business ideas coupled with a good grasp of fundamental business skills will determine the amount of time and money necessary to complete the design of their business.

Solopreneurs that desire to start a business around a single product line or specific service will require less start-up costs than a business with multiple employees and more complex product or service offerings. Total start-up costs will also depend on how much time it takes to develop a client’s brand, the complexity of their website and social media platforms, their need for marketing advice, and level of training they will require for using Web-based software services. We typically estimate our "Redefine—Plan—Execute" process costs between $3,975 and $18,475 but we emphasize it is always best to contact us to discuss a cost analysis for your specific business.

How long will it take for ReAdventured to build my business?
The desire to become an entrepreneur is a dream many people have had for a long time.Some wake up one morning ready for a change, eager for their “second act” career, but without having given much thought to their entrepreneurial journey. Our clients come to us at various stages of contemplation about their business, and the time it takes us to design and build their business is reflective of their initial stage of preparedness. An entrepreneur with a clear idea of their business venture, their funding in place and with a good set of business skills may only need six months to launch a successful business. Others may need up to nine months to obtain clarity on their ideas, develop their business structure, and execute their business design.

What is a “Blank Slate” company?
There are many Internet companies who claim to be entrepreneur specialists, marketing gurus, and expert business trainers. The one common element that distinguishes these companies is they have a core philosophy that everyone is born with the ability to become literally anything or anyone and, thus, everyone is a “blank slate”. All they need is a good inspirational lecture and a copy of these “specialists” latest book to turn a blank slate existence into one that can transform the world. The problem with this business theory is “blank slate companies” do not provide any scaffolding to support you after they have kindled your entrepreneurial spirit. They don’t provide the tools for you to design and build your grand career vision.

ReAdventured is not a blank slate company because we have an integrated business system that provides you with the necessary strategy, structure, software platforms, and ongoing support to accelerate the formation of your entrepreneurial business. We’ll be there for you from the inception of your business concepts to the launch of your company.

Who are your target clients?
Our target clients are Baby Boomers and we enjoy working with people from this generation because of their characteristic steadfast individualism, unrelenting optimism, and dedication to their career. Older entrepreneurs are seasoned professionals and have gained years of expertise and wisdom that make them savvy business people. They understand the necessity of maintaining a long-term vision for their business. The ReAdventured team finds joy in their enthusiasm and quest for a meaningful career.

What does “ReAdventured®” mean?
You have had your career, perhaps more than one, and you may now be deciding to complete your initial adventure. It’s time for a career do-over, a second chance to become passionate again about your career. But this time, it’s on your terms, and the itinerary of your career journey is set by you. ReAdventured!

What are your business processes and technologies?
We have an integrated business system that guides our clients through a three-phase process designed to clarify a client’s business concept, design a structure around that concept, and build the necessary components for the client to launch a successful business. Our processes include using business coaching technique,s such as Game Plan Strategy, Short-Burst business strategy sessions, simultaneous business components development, and agile-style project management. Our technologies incorporate the most recent industry best practices, current design trends and process efficiencies through the use of Web-based software services and business platforms.

Do you guarantee the success of my business?
When we sign on with a client, we believe they have the necessary business savvy, skills, and dedication to operate a successful business. We design and build their entrepreneurial business using current business design strategies, effective branding and marketing tools, industry best practices and process efficiencies through Web-based software services. Upon launch of a client’s business, their level of success is dependent on a number of factors such as their financial situation, ability to market their services/products, network, manage their business, and provide excellent customer satisfaction. Because these factors are beyond our control, we cannot and do not guarantee a client’s success, income level, or ability to earn revenue.

What level of computer skills do I need?
We build your entrepreneurial business predominately in a virtualized environment, termed cloud computing, through the use of software that is provided as a service by Internet providers. We also use social media platforms and virtual marketing and sales technologies. Cloud-based businesses are designed to be operationally cost effective, broader in their marketing reach, resilient to data losses, and available across all desktop and mobile computing devices.

You don’t need a high-end computer or advanced computer skills to run a business built on cloud-based technology because the software is not on your computer, it is a virtual service. A newer laptop (not a tablet) or desktop computer is completely adequate. While cloud-computing may sound technically challenging, you really only need competent computer skills and a basic background in using computer software, such as database usage, email, word processing, Internet (search engines, web browsers) and spread sheets. ReAdventured team members can train you on the use of our recommended software, and are always available to answer your questions.

What if I know exactly what I want and just need a team to execute?
We like to work with clients who are in the initial phase of designing their entrepreneurial business so we can come in at a strategic level and assist clients starting from the early stages of their vision. ReAdventured has a defined business process for designing and building successful businesses, and we believe our team of industry experts is better suited to work with clients who are seeking our experience and advice. If you are seeking a company that will just build individual components of a business, we are probably not the right fit for you.


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