First Annual Encinitas Ranch Golf Tourament

The art of reinventing oneself is an essential component of what it means to evolve as a human being.  Inherent to the adult life cycle is continual change—wanted and unwanted. How do you choose to interact with change? Will you take the opportunity to explore the possibilities of reinvention or will you return to the… Read more »

Our Book Program Has Reached 70 Countries

<br />A question that people starting a new business venture should address early on is the legal form the business will take. In most cases, the four general categories to choose from will be: (1) sole proprietorship; (2) partnership; (3) limited liability company (LLC); and (4) corporation. Each of these business entity form options has… Read more »

Planning Career Change-Part One

GAME PLANNING CAREER CHANGE—STEP 1: DEFINE MY “FROM”We know that change is hard, really hard. Consider our New Year’s resolutions that fade away come spring. Meaningful, effective, enduring change takes not just discipline and consistency, but also an actionable, concrete Game Plan. Absent a Game Plan, we may or may not get from where we… Read more »